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Mediation and Settlement Conferences

More and more, cases are settled long before they ever get to a courtroom. You can settle your case in several different ways, but mediation between you, the other side, and a neutral third-party mediator is quickly becoming the most popular – and widely used – way to reach an agreement and end your case. You can also work an agreement through formal settlement conferences, informal settlement meetings, arbitration, or simple negotiation with the other side through email, letters and telephone calls.


Mediation and the other settlement tools are often faster, more cost effective, and less emotionally draining to people who find themselves involved in litigation. Most importantly, they are private and keep your personal business and issues out of the public eye. The results you get through these forms of alternative dispute resolution are generally much more satisfying to you than those you could hope to get in a contested trial. For this reason, many courts now require you to go through mediation before you have a trial. In fact, Tennessee requires most all divorce, custody and modification of parenting plan disputes be mediated before your case will even be scheduled for a trial.


We provide mediation services to lawyers, law firms, and corporate and individual clients at all stages of litigation and conflict. Our attorney is a Rule 31 listed mediator in both the civil and family areas. As a neutral mediator, he has helped many people avoid the stress and strain of trial and solve their disputes - if not with a handshake, then certainly with the peace of mind and relief that only settlement can bring.


Not only do we often serve as the mediator in a case, but we have also participated in scores of mediations as counsel for individual parties. Representing a client in mediation and settlement negotiations requires tremendous preparation, detailed organization and successful presentation. We bring each of those to the table, and we have a proven track record of success and accomplishment in the negotiating room.


We are available to mediate your conflict or to represent you in your mediation in any of our practice areas. We are also available to participate in mediations at our office here in Pulaski, Tennessee or in any other attorney office or appropriate setting, and we will travel if you need us to. Areas in which we have helped parties reach settlement either through mediation or other settlement negotiations include:


   - Divorce, custody and modification of parenting plans

   - Construction disputes

   - Business disputes 

   - Worker’s Compensation and employment claims

   - Automobile accident and personal injury cases

   - Contract disputes

   - Harassment and discrimination claims

   - Government and municipality disputes


In our mediation practice, we see the whole of your dispute and help you identify the core issues you need for success and settlement. Whether you are a party needing an attorney to look after your interests in a mediation or to help you settle your claim with an insurance company or opposing party, or if you are a party looking for a mediator qualified to serve as a neutral in your case, we can help you.

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